Support Rules

  1. Before any question, make sure that you read the documentation.
  2. We don't support third party plugins which are not listed in item's description.
  3. When pointing to our site please remove an iframe. We need to see full URL address.
  4. If you have an issue with something attach your public URL or at least the screenshot. Make sure that anonymous users are able to see your site too.
  5. Before posting comment disable all third party plugins to check if they are not breaking the functionality.
  6. In case of lack of WordPress knowledge, we can answer only to pointing you at official WordPress documentation.
  7. All questions are answered as soon as possible but we reserve the right to answer question up to two weeks.
  8. Please never hurry us and don't use words "asap" or "urgent". We are not responsible for solving requirements of your clients.
  9. "Not working" and any other general questions will receive general answer. Please be descriptive.
  10. Custom modifications are not supported. You can share what you want to achieve via our Custom Work form and we may help you.
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